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Scalability Is Our Middle Name

Storesupport Canada is a Canadian-owned and operated organization that has been in business for more than a decade with a field force of more than 500 employees across the country.

We work with brands, manufacturers, and retailers throughout Canada, supporting them in creating a better experience for the consumer, thus increasing brand loyalty and ROI.

To meet the needs and demands of an ever-changing environment, we offer flexibility and industry-leading turnaround times. Our teams are here to help support you where you need us most.  Whether you require dedicated resources, a shared national syndicated team with the reach and flexibility you require or a mix of the two, we have you covered throughout the country.

We’re an extension of your team and available wherever you need us. Retail, trade, B2B, online… we do it all and put the control of your brand back in your hands.

Get eCommerce ready FAST with a total front and back-end solution.

ADAPT to changing conditions quickly

  • Online/Curbside Order Fulfilment
  • In-Store Merchandising
  • Digital and Automated Retail
  • Emergency Responsiveness
  • And More

Using our experience, we help you plan and execute in less time and with less stress.

The Storesupport Promise

15 years in the industry
500+ team
National coverage
Enterprise brands

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