You invest in your brand – is it being heard?

Our team will help your brand find its voice – in-store, on the street and online. We offer a full suite of solutions to reach your customer. We focus on your unique needs, provide an experienced team, and get the job done right – on time. We’re speaking loud and clear…


Are your brands where they should be in-store?

Optimum placement is key when it comes to getting your brand to the cash. With our suite of merchandising solutions, we clear a path.

Merchandising Maintenance

We make sure products are in stock, on the shelf, tagged and priced correctly.

Planogram Implementation

We make sure planogram resets are executed quickly, cost-effectively and according to plan.

Special Projects

If you need something executed at retail, we’ll make it happen.

Display POP Set-up

Paying for prime real estate? We’ll handle the move.

Point of Sale

Do you need an extension of your current sales team?

It’s your rep: protect it. New product launch, in-store demonstration, ongoing in-store sales requirements? We’re on top of it. It’s all about the customer experience.

Sales Teams

Whether you require a dedicated sales team, an extension of your current team or seasonal sales support, we have the people with the results to prove it.

Brand Ambassadors

We’ll provide way more than just a taste test. Get the best representation possible.

In-Store Execution

Do you have a rapid response solution in place, no matter where you’re located?

If you need a quick response in-store, we’ve got you covered. Need intel or a better way to obtain it? We’ll get the scoop. We have the tools and people to handle it all.

Emergency Services

We provide a rapid response in-store when your brand needs help.

Retail Audits

Competitive pricing and store placement analysis, mystery shopping, staff endorsements, quality assurance – we do it all.

Technology Offering

Our enterprise reporting tool can help simplify your sales team’s reporting process.


We offer you a complete turn-key solution to manage your digital footprint, effortlessly

In today’s digital age, the stakes are high. Ensuring that your brand is properly managed in the various online communities, on social media, and on retailers’ websites is absolutely critical to your success. This is why we’ve developed a range of services to fulfill those needs. We have teamed up with Marketing Force, a national Canadian digital marketing agency, to provide some of the most cutting-edge programs for brands that want to manage and boost their customers’ online experiences.

Digital Brand Management

We manage your online communities, reputation and marketing, both on your owned digital assets and on third party platforms and review sites.

Digital Brand Ambassadors

We connect your online communities to your in-person events.

Digital Merchandisers

We ensure that the online merchandising of your products and services is as great as your in-store merchandising.