Retail Audit

Be in the know.

Understanding what is happening inside the store is crucial if you want to keep your finger on the pulse. In addition, if you are a brand that is always evolving and looking for ways to do things better, auditing in store makes this easy!

How are you stacking up against the competition? Are you located in an optimal position on the shelf? Is your product being endorsed by key influencers in the store?

Our retail audit solutions offer you several auditing solutions that aim to keep you in the know:

  • Competitive pricing and store placement analysis – discover your competitor’s pricing, placement, promos and brand messaging
  • Promotional audits – measure if your promotions are getting out on the floor and are in the right location
  • Adjacency/linear foot comparison – find out how much shelf space you have and where your brand is located on the shelf compared to other competitors in your category
  • Mystery shopping – understand if store staff members are endorsing your brand and help change that behaviour if they are not endorsing you
  • General quality assurance audits – ensure deliverables are being met at the store (shelf compliance, category compliance, planogram compliance, etc…