National Hardware Manufacturer

When: Various Peak Times Throughout the Year
Where: National "Big Box" Stores


The manufacturer required additional support ensuring products were in distribution and on the shelf and to leverage opportunities to build temporary displays in-store on a national basis during their peak time of year in various stores.

Here's What Happened

The team was able to secure displays in many locations throughout Canada. Through SSC Analytics, the client management team was able to identify that there were real opportunities for additional displays and incremental sales within Canadian Tire.

The Results

Overall the team made 738 calls to Canadian Tire stores during the testing period. We tracked the dollar value of all the actions taken at the store level. Typically shelf tags do not go missing at Canadian Tire stores and therefore this action only represented 55% of what we were able to accomplish at the store level. We packed out over 5,000 units of product for a dollar value of $19,301 and we were able to secure 522 secondary displays with approx. 5,770 units placed on the secondary displays for a value of $21,000. Total dollar value of all actions taken for the year was $43,600!